We are proud to produce IKHR Certified Purebred Kunekune Pork. Our pork producing Kunekunes are registered and pedigreed with the International Kunekune Hog Registry (formally American Kunekune Pig Registry).

*pictured, Kunekune shoulder roast

Our Favorite Kunekune Cuts

Ground Pork!
Shoulder Steaks
Bacon- especially jowl and cottage!
Picnic Ham
Hams/ Ham steaks

Pork Chops with 1/3″ fat cap
Whole Loin Roast
Boston Butt
Shoulder Roast

We utilize as much of our Pastured Kunekune Pork as possible. We request hocks and shanks, liver/ heart, as well as leaf lard for rendering. Since the Kunekune pig is a smaller lard breed, many times you have to forgo larger primals (the main cuts of pork: shoulder, leg, loin, belly) in order to produce large amounts of bulk sausage. Shoulder roasts, neck bones/ spare ribs, and hams can all be used to add to bulk sausage totals, but don’t forget to add cottage bacon (shoulder) to your cut sheet!.
We LOVE Kunekune summer sausage!!

Pictured, Quarter Circle Kunekune Shoulder Steak

Why Pastured Kunekune Pork?

Sunshine + Pasture + No Stress = Happy Pigs

Our pasture raised Kunekune pigs have dark red meat with marbling throughout, giving Quarter Circle Kunekune pork its flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. Kunekunes are a lard breed rather than a lean, muscular bacon pig. Lard breeds, including pasture raised Quarter Circle Kunekunes, tend to have rich, succulent meat thanks to marbling and lacing of flavorful fat along the edge of many cuts.

Kunekune pigs are true grazing pigs and are able to meet their dietary needs by eating lush and diverse pastures. Our Kunekune pigs spend their stress-free days grazing and rummaging through grass, clover, and alfalfa, yet they are gentle on the land. During the winter and low growth months, we supplement our herd with locally sourced non-GMO feed and home-grown hay. We raise our pigs in an ethical, compassionate way, and give them a natural pig life when compared to the commercially raised, “other white meat”. 

While slow to grow in comparison to commercial hogs, this extra time gives Kunekune pork its taste, texture, and color.  Time in the sunshine and allowing our pigs to be pigs results in healthier animals and more nutritious food for people. Pastured pork is juicier and more flavorful than commercial pork. It is rich in Vitamins E and D, selenium, and Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Try pastured pork- the other red meat! 

La Caja China

Cuban Wooden Roasting Box

“The La Caja China roasting box Model No. 2-MJ provides the answer for those wondering how to roast a pig that’s a hundred pounds or so.
The Model No. 2-MJ pig cooker is just what is needed when the backyard can’t be dug up for a pit and building a brick oven isn’t feasible. Marine-grade aluminum ensures years of durability, while stainless-steel accessories make cleaning up quick and painless. The sturdy construction and portable design make the Model No. 2-MJ the sort of “go anywhere, do anything” cooking implement that can be pulled out onto the patio with hardly any effort or loaded up into a truck bed and hauled out to the middle of nowhere for incredible parties without back-breaking labor.”

Check out how easy the La Caja China Roasting Box is to use:

Whole Pig Instructions
Pork Cut Worksheets

KuneKune Lard

(Coming Soon)

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