Our Herd

Our farm is located on the Western Slope of Colorado outside of Montrose. We currently have five pasture raised breeding quality Kunekune sows, three breeding quality Kunekune gilts, and five pasture raised breeding quality Kunekune boars. Quarter Circle Kunekunes often has 20-30 pasture raised barrows and gilts alongside future Kunekune breeding prospects.

Our boar lines include Mahia Love, Tonganui, and Boris, while our sow lines include Jenny, Tapeka, and Aria Giana.

All of our breeding Kunekunes are registered through the International Kunekune Hog Registry (formally the American Kunekune Pig Registry) and all piglets are IKHR/AKPR litter notified. We believe in pedigreed pure stock guaranteed by DNA testing. We are breeding these pastured pigs to do our part with the improvement and conservation of Kunekune pigs in the United States, which includes pastured pork production. Ask us about USDA Kunekune pork and IKHR Pedigreed Pork!

Quarter Circle Kunekunes is a member of the International Kunekune Hog Registry, IKHR (formally the American Kunekune Pig Registry (AKPR)), The Empire Kunekune Pig Association (EKPA), as well as the American Kune Kune Pig Society (AKKPS) for educational purposes and the promotion of the Kunekune pig.

Our stock is fed home grown hay, fresh pasture, locally sourced Non-GMO hog feed, and vegetables from our garden & local produce stand.

We believe in respecting and honoring all living beings on our farm; this does not exclude our pork producers. We emphasize compassion and respect for all stages of the life cycle and hold the highest regard for our meat animals. We believe in healthy livestock, both mentally and physically, and are thankful for our happy and friendly pastured pork. Ask us about available Kunekune pork!

We offer Kunekune pork grow outs and IKHR/AKPR registered Kunekune pigs and piglets for sale. Please inquire for availability or check out our Sales Page.

Contact Us

Meghan Crosby & Brandon Frey
Montrose, Colorado 81403

“Pigs are smart little creatures. They just need love.”

Shelley Duvall

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